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Sha obitaem v solnechnom shtate Floride and we love it." A_G_Andix - Andrei, "rodilsia 15-go Aprelia 1978 v Alma-Ate, Kazakhstan (s teh pro sharilsia gde popalo :); v nastoiashee vremia prozivaet v Los Angelese; lubit pivo i sex, mozno vmeste; esli vooruzhen prezervativami, to opasen :); postoianno sidit v chate, no redko kogda s kem razgovarivaet (slishkom krut); upriam do otupenia, no umen do ocharovaniia (blin, kak ia sebia lubly)"; his homepage Anna_C_2000 - Anya, born on August 8, 19xx, from Moscow, now senior in economics at Tokyo University; hobbies: making friends, chat, studies, popular, techno and latin music, arts, travel, foreign languages (speaks Russian, English, Japanese, Spanish), disco, dance SNOWWHITE_LADY - Katya, Anna_C_2000's sister; studies Econ in Japan; hobbies are painting, travelling, nature, languages, everything international, and talking to people jumjum77 - Yulya, born in 1977 in Khabarovsk (yeah!!! :o)), two years later moved to Latvia; xochet uexat' ottuda kuda podal'she (v USA) Murrrzilka - Katushka Ilushkina "eto familiya, ne putat chto kakogo to tam Ilushki", 19 let, iz Moskvy; "lublu more solnce i svejii vozduh, poetomu shlu pictures c Kryma;" naschet Murzilki "eto delo povelos posle togo kak ya stala nosit beret, govoriat ya v nem na Murzilku pohoja, a mne vse ravno nravitsya i ya ego noshu" Carina_ru - Katya, from Samara; sent a very provocative picture of hers; her homepage vesselkova - Katya from Moscow, born Nov.3, 1977; likes to travel, listen to Brian Ferry; studies French, English, German; esche fotka Gallant24 - Roman, "originally from Ekaterinburg, 24 y.o., now live in Irvine, California, unbelievable optimist, my motto: 'Unless it's fatal, it's no big deal!It was mirrored from Geocities at the end of October, 2009.For any questions concerning this page try to contact the respective author.Priehala suda s mamoi kotoraia jivet v Clinton, CT.Vot ssilka na stranichky moei spets-angliskoi shkoli #39 (v Kazani) DAschool/ vot ssilka na moy stranichky: Ho/Square/4749, e-mail: [email protected], AOL IM screen name: Tomka78, ICQ# 16323117"; esche foto, zveryushki po pros'be Tomki :) - 1, 2 . finally came to terms with the sobering truth: they were the Nickelback of tech. And just as Nickelback fans ultimately abandon them for the Foo Fighters, most of Yahoo’s users have slowly osmosed over to Google. With private messaging, a common area to chat with and meet new people, and personal profiles, Yahoo had a sort of Web 1.0 social network in the early 2000s.Hand in hand with this revelation came their humiliating sale to Verizon for .5 billion. Any other company might have parlayed this into a cornerstone of their success, but Yahoo, a languid “media company” run by suits and overflowing with what Paul Graham bluntly calls “bad programmers”, ran Yahoo Messenger and Chat into the ground.

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Love party, but not a lot of time for this." Basil - lives in Brooklyn, NY; likes to "have fun, go outdoors, drink, dance and listen to Depeche Mode"; e-mail: [email protected]_Princess - "Gretochka s Colorado, uchus' na programista v UCCS.

Ochen' lublu katat'sya na lyzhax i xodit' v sportzal; obozhau tanzevat'.

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