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n Streaming (Event processing): A Parser reads the document and fires corresponding event when it encounters XML entities.n Two types of parsers use streaming techniques: All of these parsers fall under JAXP implementation.For the XML files, this is called XML Parsing and the piece of software which performs this task is called a Parser.• Looking for certain tag There are two general parsing techniques: In Memory Tree: The entire document is read into memory as a tree structure which allows random access to any part of the document by the calling application.asp) and Xquery ( but they are relatively young and immature.• Streaming model • Not modifying the document • Memory efficiency Don’t use XML documents when searching is important.Instead, store the content in a traditional database, use XML databases or use XML-aware databases.• XML read and XML write • Parsing multiple documents in the same thread Parsing Techniques • Read only manipulation • Modifying the XML Document • Not modifying the document • XPath, XSLT • Small devices • XML tree traversing and random access to any section • Looking for a certain tag • Merging documents • Memory efficiency • Small devices In order to use a XML file or a XML document inside an application, it will be required to read it and tokenize it.

n Pull parsers: The Parser client is in control of the parsing and the parser goes forward to the next infoset element when it is asked to.Capabilities of Element and Attribute As a diverse platform, Java has several solutions for working with XML.This refcard provides developers a concise overview of the different xml processing technologies in Java, and a use case of each technology.Line 3: ROOT ELEMENT: Every well-formed document should have one and only one root element. Lines 4 – 8: namespace declaration: Line 4 defines the XSI prefix, lines 5 & 6 defines the current URL and XSD file location, line 7 defines the current document default namespace, and line 8 defines a prefix for an XML schema. Line 20: Element: An element is composed of its start tag, end tag and the possible content which can be text or other nested elements. XML Transformation can help you get a required format from plain XML files.| Using XML In Java tech facts at your fingertips XML Use Cases, continued Searching Parsing Techniques, continued Best for Applications in need of: There are some technologies for searching in a XML document like XPath (

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