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And no, it's not your fault you have trouble getting sexual with women.So the man's BIG MISTAKE is this: This mistake is much much worse than showing too much interest, by the way.There's an old bit of sales wisdom that says that bad salesmen are 'bad' simply because they don't believe enough in the product they're selling.And the BEST salesmen believe they've got something fantastic - and every person alive needs to have this thing.

So how do you break the downward spiral of lost sexual confidence?

And as pissed off and frustrated as you might be, you don't want to be a manipulative jerk or deceptive just to attract a woman. BUT this situation is getting old, and you really need some results - FAST!

(But hey, either one would do...)You see all those guys around you either using some kind of fake banter or clever tricks to get women, but you've either tried it and couldn't pull it off, or it's just not you and you don't even want to bother with it.

You probably even want a girlfriend and not just a one night stand.

In my free Attraction Secrets Newsletter, you'll discover: How to get the confidence to meet any woman...

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I'm willing to bet that you've experienced the "Flinch." What is the "Flinch"?

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