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There's no such thing as a family that isn't dysfunctional. If you bring a first or second date to a family function be prepared for somebody to embarrass you. But don't subject anyone you just recently met to your parents for an entire dinner.

So it goes without saying that I never brought dates to family functions. Weddings, reunions, baptisms, bat mitzvahs, and especially funerals, are out.The noxious odor must have been escaping from the various holes in my ratty socks. Other places to avoid are eateries where you're expected to use your hands to feed yourself.A first date doesn't want to watch you maul your barbeque ribs and chicken legs like The Missing Link.The following lists the worst places you could choose to go on a date and I recommend that you avoid them like the plague if you want the other person to still like you when it's over.An Amusement Park As the roller coaster nears its pinnacle your date looks over the side and silently swears under her breath at you for talking her into going on this ride.

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There were no chairs, just floor-level tables that everyone sat around on little pillows.

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