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In this series, ‘Date Like A Comic’, I’m going to offer insight into the techniques that can make a room full of strangers enjoy and trust YOU, as the authority of fun.

While I’ll offer some specific tools and techniques that provide a higher percentage of success when it comes to dating, I’ll also talk about how important authenticity is in today’s dating world.

It’s a quick and simple guaranteed laugh off the bat, acknowledging that I am a straight white dude with a (minimally) basic vibe, making myself the butt of the joke. I MIGHT say something like, “I’m a Feminist, mainly because my girlfriend makes more money than I do,”. The audience applauds at the premise, that I am a Feminist. Some say that the physical act of smiling tricks the body into being happier. I am a nice guy, but if I walk into a bar and there’s a bachelorette party, I feel every right to walk up to them and make fun of that jumbo penis balloon tied to the Bachelorette’s wrist. Mine is only about half as big.” or, “Does Macy’s Parade know you stole their float? The end result is the authenticity to speak your true mind in any public setting, not afraid of the outcome.

World series of Dating was a BBC3 comedy that turns dating into a American style TV sports show featuring slo-mo action replays, overblown graphics, music and scripted comedy analysis from US dating champ, Doyle Mac Manus (Rob Riggle) and James Chetwyn-Talbot (Tom Price) with the series culminating in finding the UK's Greatest Dater.

April 2012 Doyle Mc Manus has a run-in with the law, the girls get blowout button happy, and the worst violation of all - the cleavage violation - makes an appearance, but who do the wandering eyes belong to?

Details April 2012 Things get strange, with subjects for discussion including everything from favourite methods of transport to epileptic shirts, from the relative merits of camels and elephants to boys wondering how it would feel to be hit with high heels.

Steal, borrow, mimic and have fun learning in the process. My first few years of comedy I look back very favorably as I bombed in front of crowds of all sizes.

World Series of Dating is a reality and scripted comedy series which attempts to turn dating into a competitive sport.

Four women have to decide whether the single men sent their way should be buzzed out of the game, with only one men able to make it through to the final.

The point being is that we are never the finished product we wish we could portray ourselves as, so why not get dirty while we figure out our identity.

My favorite mantra is, “Leap and the net will appear”.

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