Wii froze while updating Sa naked chat

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Instead, the Japanese games giant has issued a statement saying that “small numbers of stuck or dead pixels are a characteristic of LCD screens,” adding that this is “normal and should not be considered a defect.” Worse still, this isn’t the first time Nintendo has experienced this issue with one of its handheld console – the DS also suffered from dead pixels when it launched back in 2004, and other manufacturers like Sony (with the PSP) have had similar issues. The slightly better news is that you have a couple of options at this early stage.

Back when the DS suffered a similar fate, Nintendo eventually backtracked on its initial stance and started offering refunds.You can’t just hold down the button to reset the console, you have to then press the button again to turn it on.If you have this problem and this solution didn’t help, please let us know in the comments.This stipulates that all products purchased online can be returned for up to 14 days.So long as the seller didn’t specifically state that “dead pixels may occur in this product” (or similar), you should be covered.

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However, the Switch includes a substantial battery to power it, and therefore you’ll need a pretty powerful battery pack to charge it quickly enough.

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