Whitney port dating history

He dated the beautiful cheerleader Lana Lang and he and Lana were elected Homecoming King and Queen.

After graduation, he joined the United States Marines and was killed in action in Indonesia.

As the scholarship gradually seems more unlikely, Whitney became resentful and lashed out.

Upon finding medals once owned by his father from Vietnam, Whitney realized that there was more to life than high school and playing football.

Whitney's heroic sacrifice is one of the things throughout Clark's journey in Smallville that inspired him to become Superman.

Whitney Fordman was fairly tall, as well as had blonde hair and blue eyes.

We realize that as a show about women in fashion, MTV's The City is bound to cross-promote certain magazines, designers and brands ... It's basically the Elle reality show at this point ... Bad as it is for Elle that Olivia Palermo works there, the PR volume makes up for it.

Whitney Port's dating history on the The City has been suspect to say the least. That hairy freeloader acted like he was "putting that on lockdown" when really he just needed a place to stay before he left with his band on tour. If you've watched 30 seconds of The City in your life, you know Olivia Palermo's "job" (term used loosely) at Elle is menial at best, and utterly pointless at worst.

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