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There is widespread debate over whether health plans should require enrollees to use "gatekeepers," which are primary care providers that coordinate care and control access to specialists.

However, little is known about whether health plan gatekeeper requirements improve or reduce quality-of-care.

Nonetheless, the profitability of some these new technologies may be yet questionable due to the high investments required for their implementation.Other work examines factors influencing the adoption and use of medical technologies more generally, including particular work on imaging equipment.I am also interested in a range of other questions about health care systems, physicians organizations, provider compensation, health care cost growth, and health care quality.Therefore, the early adoption of these new technologies may concentrate in developed countries due to a high labor cost, while in the developing world any major technology change is more difficult to make happen since labor costs will likely remain low [6].In this context, it becomes essential to develop strategic initiatives which will enable a better understanding regarding the implementation of these new technologies in last mile deliveries.

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In contrast, gatekeeper requirements were not associated with prostate cancer screening (OR = 1.11, 95 percent CI 0.93-1.33).

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