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ating apps have not only democratised love and sex; they have globalised them too.You can be anywhere in the world, straight, gay or otherwise, and find a partner to suit your predilection, within your postcode, with a simple “swipe right” on your phone screen.But the minute they travel to a place like Dubai or Singapore, they’re at the mercy of local laws.

It suits the architects of these apps to imagine (or pretend) that western social mores are universal.communities in non-western countries, where homosexuality is either still illegal or a social taboo; where life-threatening attacks, extortion or jail sentences are a clear and present danger for those who use apps that in the West were originally designed simply to create a safe virtual space for finding same-sex love.were launched around the world in 2013 and, since then, thousands of users – mainly gay men – have found themselves targeted and at risk of legal prosecution or homophobic attacks, either by government-employed “actors” looking to make arrests under the country’s debauchery laws, or by criminal gangs who take advantage of those who fear being outed. According to the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights, many of the 75 were targeted through dating apps.These new technologies are being used for new crackdowns.In the decade before the dating apps, and before President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi came to power in 2013, an average of 14 people a year were arrested in Egypt effectively for their sexuality. Hundreds of similar abuses have occurred in Russia, Lebanon, Iran, Uganda, Malaysia and Tunisia, among others.

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Five have replied and are implementing Article 19’s recommendations to varying degrees. “It is difficult to crack the Silicon Valley mentality,” says Afsaneh Rigot of Article 19.

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