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Eventually, they uncovered a complete sarcophagus lid.

Said says ancient texts contain many references to the use of a sarcophagus lid to cover the entrance to a sacred chamber or a secret tunnel so they decided to investigate further using ground-penetrating radar.

In December 1995, Said entered into a joint venture agreement with Dr Joseph Schor.

Schor was working under a five year permit, renewable annually, to conduct acoustic and radar surveys on the Giza plateau .

According to Said, one evening back in 1992 he was taking a stroll on the Giza plateau when he came across one of the plateau guards who offered to show him something interesting for twenty dollars.Schor supplied one hundred thousand dollars for the venture as the financial sponser and was responsible for all scientific aspects of the work.Said was to be in charge of filming the work for a documentary programme for which he required his own photographic permit.The lid had been uncovered by removing three or four inches of surface material by hand and penknife etc.Said wanted Schor to ask Dr Zahi Hawass (Director General of the Giza Plateau and Saqqara) to investigate further, for example by digging a hole to enter the tunnel.

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At some point in the future, Hawass told the audience, an attempt would be made to pump out the water so that the investigation can proceed.

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