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He was probably the most easygoing, genuine person of the bunch,” Poole said.“Never one to judge and unwaveringly loyal to those he called friends.“My biggest misconception about the show was that it was scripted, but these are not actors.They are real people with real jobs from different parts of the country.Oatmeal, Berries If you could have one superpower, what would it be? “Obviously, I wanted to meet somebody cool and potentially find a wife. ” Heck, it beats trying to find a companion on Ok Cupid, although at least with online dating there are no television cameras.“It’s surreal, but at a certain point you forget about the cameras,” Poole said.What’s a high-level Facebook employee with a history degree from a prestigious liberal arts college doing on a dating show? He works at one of the world’s most conspicuous companies. They helped me understand how everything would work.And one night, while at a Los Angeles restaurant celebrating a friend’s birthday, a female scout for the show recruited Poole to sign up for the melodramatic soap opera that is “The Bachelorette.” “It was out of the blue. I thought, ‘Hey, this might be kind of fun.’ It worked out pretty well, because Facebook rewards strong performance, and they allowed me to take time off to do the show.” Describing his job as intense, Poole decided to woo a woman on national television rather than spend time off traveling the globe.

Walla Walla singles chatrooms | Walla Walla single ladies | Walla Walla single guys | Walla Walla casual meetings | Walla Walla dating classified ads | Walla Walla christian singles | Walla Walla muslim personals I am a nice man living alone . It’s been a focus of mine since college,” Poole said.In fact, the social network he developed at Whitman helped Poole land his first job in the tech industry as part of a recruiting team at Google.It’s hard for people to conceptualize that there are thousands of employees behind this website trying to provide a quality experience or bring in more users,” Poole said.Despite living the dream by working at Facebook, a company that could be described as ground zero in the tech industry, Poole says he’s open to any serendipitous opportunities in the entertainment industry that might develop thanks to his stint on “The Bachelorette,” but he’s not counting on becoming an overnight sensation once the show airs.

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