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Virtual Reality is changing the way we live, that much is certain.The boundaries of the virtual and real worlds are blurring to bring static experiences to life, meaning that the online dating world is set for radical change.Companies like Oculus, a subsidiary of Facebook that has a research office in Pittsburgh, and VRchat offer virtual-reality applications that allow users to interact purely as a social experience.

Virtual Reality could make catfishing a redundant concept, however, as people can feel free to ‘meet’ in the virtual world for the first time.In the days before the internet, these isolated souls might have had more difficulty finding likeminded partners.Virtual Reality will allow people to dip their toe in the water with a new person or experiment with niche themes without any of the risk attached.It will have a profound effect on the online dating world, too, and could change the way we find true love in just a few short years.Why not power your personal dating profile with a virtual private server from VPS.

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