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To really get a grip on what the platform can achieve on it’s own, I’m going to show you how to build a Web Component using the APIs available in browsers today.

In order to create a video chat app, Contus Fly uses Web RTC signaling where the transmission of media content between the client servers takes place in a real-time.

Web Components were first introduced in 2011 and are the browsers’ attempt to bring componentisation to the web platform.

There are a few libraries available for writing Web Components, most notably Google’s Polymer, but also X-Tag and Bosonic.

We’ll see how these technologies fit together as we build up our video chat component.

If you just want to see the completed component and how to use it, check out the repo on Git Hub. To build our video chat component, we’re going to need the following: Once you’ve done that, you’re going to need some Twilio credentials so that the application works.

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Make a copy of the The app is now running on localhost:3000. When you build a component, it lives in its own file and can be imported. Let’s start our component by creating the HTML import for it.

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