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Appl Clin Inform, 2012;3(4):356-366,(PMID: 23227134) Lucero, R., Sheehan, B., Yen, P., Velez, O., Nobile-Hernandez, D., & Tiase, V. I serve on the leadership team for the Nursing Informatics Working group, and I also serve as an AMIA mentor for new students coming into the field.

(2014): Identifying Consumer’s Needs of Health Information Technology through an Innovative Participatory Design Approach among English- and Spanish-speaking Urban Older Adults. I lived in Spain for a summer so I am proficient in Spanish.

That is where my work in informatics started and now I feel over the last few years it has started to shift.

Since I am a nurse, I can bring that patient perspective to our work in informatics in considering what data can we collect as we nurses engage patients, and then how can we use those data in our clinical work flows to then translate into knowledge and wisdom. While working as a nursing instructor, technology really became a factor in our work and our hospitals.

It's also illegal, by the way, to drive cattle through the streets of St. Apparently, Newfoundland cattle drives are more of a late-night thing.

Thanks to a law dating back to the era of Prohibition and bootlegging, it's illegal to transport liquor from one province to another without the permission of the province's liquor control board. Transporting any other booze will place you in Al Capone territory.

Now, I am starting to work more in the area of assisting patients with their work flows in using health information technology.

Then as electronic documentation started, I already had some knowledge from my computer-based teaching, so I decided to go back to graduate school and pursue informatics as a career.

Note to Etobicoke lawmakers: next time take a bath, fill it with three-and-a-half inches of water and see how that works out for you...

Our laws aren't the only confusing thing about Canadians.

Also I am very interested in bringing patient-generated data and environmental data into the healthcare setting by including the social and behavioral aspects of health and life - using data and technology to really connect with the patient’s life as a whole.

I think in healthcare a lot of what we do is episodic, it’s very focused on what is going on during that clinical visit or during that inpatient stay.

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