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After that Ferlito's mother got married to another man and then she grew up with her mother and her stepfather.

They owned a hair salon which helped them earn their living.

Having started her acting career as early as in the 90s, Vanessa has accumulated for her self a huge sum which is now running in millions.

One of the shows that fetched her money was John Leguizamo’s boxing drama Undefeated, of 2003 where she starred as Lizette Sanchez and it earned her NAACP nomination for Outstanding Actress in a TV movie. Vanessa could have also earned her money from her appearance in a cover magazine of a New York Magazine. She has represented herself in various movies as well as TV series thus proving herself a good category of artist.

This was followed by her role in Spider-Man 2 released a year after. At the time, Vanessa’s net worth is million which she accumulated from her multi-million dollar worth films.

A good example is Spider-man which is grossed over .3 million worldwide.

Born on December 28, 1976, to an Italian-American family in Brooklyn, New York, Vanessa experienced a rough beginning as she lost her father to a heroin overdose when she was two years old.

Her mother remarried and her new family continued their life in Brooklyn where they owned a hair salon.

She was quite different from childhood and a few of her classmates in elementary school hated for her attitude as one of her friend mentioned in her blog.She also appeared in a cover magazine of a New York Magazine. Ferlito has also made her appearances on several TV series and in films.She has played in Nothing like the Holiday and later in 2012, she was cast in a drama series Graceland.In 2014, they were both spotted after having a romantic dinner in a posh restaurant in Manhattan.They shared intimate hugs and talked for a long time before driving off.

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