Updating drivers of windows 7 and tuning 130102 rc

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of two Su Mioi 7 fighter- bombers that were fired on when they passed over Israeli unfounded months ago. : Lev, Israeli chief of staffs had ^d'"in my iriew there is a Z " ^ - ' . plant at Oautbf Lordttoiwn Sahirday, ^id Ung 10,000 workers and ^halting production of the -. Z rtm wtffcnit by local 1714 tfaqpnr' ea r ly Tlnla d ay whe n ^•triksra wuring masks or ~(*V«Lb! The plane flew two miles back hito Egyptian territory before crashing, the broadcast said. The incident occurred six miles south of i Po Ti Said on the northern end of the 102-mile canal. nuihjr at 10 per cent of Aoocrfan troopa ia VMnan Mfed t M w n wimi lliftt gtntihi ~i3i Mnfdn t til SHOP ALBERTSON'S FIRST FOR LOWER R? Instead of, trying to punish the criminal by; paying hls' room and board for X number' of years, leave hlni "outside" but make him work and pay back what he stole plus a substantial penalty. Gr§at Britain and i Sweden have fried "vietim con- f ' peosatlon programs," Mx of our United States are beginning to. Mother puretyed White, Father Standard mixed with Siberian Huskle, Therefore, no papers, 543-4540, Buhl. -State J- But^a ^footnote„in-the- "report says no quota system is Intended and opens the way to endless argument.

_ A military source in Tel Aviv -said Israeli troops along the Even before the plane was :abot down Lt. P VMT their head*, :aet op pichrt Uwta at Wttrnfi -nabtr UMOiatig dfv Uoo to ^proi Mt tte Orl Bg of the nnian Hie mrkn old ti Mqr moid defense positions at a beight oi 330 feet In an . Israel had reported 39 pre- vious Egyptian overflights and on 16 occasions said the planes were fired at. the first reporl_of a plane betaig hit, however.., , . League met in Cairo Saturday to resolve differences among themsetvet and to produce a )oint anti-braeli policy. embaaay qtokeaman said ttwy had been intened of the flmhngs but bad no. That leaves the SQ per cent of other kinds of criminals -- the violent ones — necessarily " segregated. learn and apply a reniiedy for their disturbed ~trgln H. One question is what happens when a state electing Democra- tic convention delegates in a primary names all-male candi- dates over 40. J f.* As part of his plan to get rid of Clade, Courtney Vernon (Mc Gavin) latches on to an old girl firiend, who, in turn, looks Canadian town dying nning starts 5th PAUL KALBFLEISCH SPECIAL!

League Secretary General Abdel Khalek Hataouna urged tbe groqp to take a united stand and to U them "yotv faflnre to meet at thla t tme last jmr led to a divlsian among Ar A coontri M at tbe UWted Na- tions." Brit Ui Foreigo Secretary Sir Alec Dooglaaflome i» diae to SAIGON (U PI ) -r Omrnis by a U. congressman that a South Vietnamese general is a narcotics kingpin have been found by a government investi- tll Myiieragttannleidiaaa MMty athrw^iay.v Wtb KUKii Mtbe lor tiwlr part ia the attflce. v n s c an devnayform of — se Ios Lgood men declined to run the last time. the- premiere of "Cade's ■c u i mty "'sn naay; ' at»t' - ntin t iiii ■ ■ ''jf » o ' -^feemwr^ CBS Television Network. David Gerber is at the Movies" executive proddcer of "Code's County" which is produced by _ _. liant-screen "■■Iay-»-^ku Ml — rdocatii of leap-frog housing game to tos residents J' keep step ahead of "the hole." The hole is the largest open- -pit asbestos mine in the Free World and has been' in operation since 1881.

Meanwhile, Democratic econ- omic experts Issued a state- ment applauding the goals of Nixon's "long overdue action" t Q__Eescue the economy bu L harshly criticized key portions of his plan. » ^ur u Tw'" ^^"11* county approve any con Uct now. Johnny tires deqwrately to keep the boy in the background and continue his swinging life, but he finds that being a father is a lot nn Hj e wo i - imagined. WASHINGTON (UPI)— When These managers also take a a-Denocratic orator names cool view of -"favorltc-Bon"~ "the man who" he says is candidates whose names go destined to lead the nation for before conventions as tribute -41ie neat-foui years, • delegates flium their ' lame states or^ give undecided delegations Ufie T to choose' between the candidates. peared almost certain of a first ballot nomination in 1968, the names of 12 -candidates placed before the Republican Oonvention, intiludllig the Irre.

Ttie Economic Affairs Com- mittee of thc Thlgh-level Demo- ~ .cratlc.|^o Ucy Coimcil, including Garner Ackley and Walter H. There was no' Immediate announcement from the Krem- lin of his death, which was confirmed by friends. ^ miles aou Qieaat of Bermu- Tt GUT MJIw IMj ■ ■ (Obituary, Page 2) British soldiers o Uemp Ung 16 quell the disorder. I dont t Unk estobllshment of a regional theee-is-golng-to-be-an y M g ai rportgutharity w hen it cemea . — Ite n c gl ce t o f his w o rk and his girlfriends, particularly his secretary, Edye (Diane Baker), leads Johnny's parents, Al (Jack Albertson) and Ethel (Ann Sothem), to suspect that something is wrong. Owen Marshal plays attorney Star gazer SEBASTUN CABOT, left, portrays a wealthy astrologer in "Encounter with Aries" on NBC-TV «^NBC Mystery Movie" •tarring Dennis Weaver, right, as Marshal Sam Mc Cloiid, premiering as part of a dramatlp trlology Sept. HOLLYWOOD - "j Marshall, Counselor at Law," starring Arthur- Hill as- a brilliant Santa Barbara (Calif.) attorney whose practice runs the gamut from loundary disputes , to murder, is the with the murder of Joan Baldwin, respected.

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  1. business, agricu Uure^and Con- gress.- After about a. In^hftpraraiere^eplsoderi^Tlie When — she — realizes — the — produc«r-of-^^Shirley! That can't happen with an XL-100 Accu Color set because it has no little tubes.