Updating a table of contents in word

Fix 2: Select the Table of Contents and then click on References Tab and select Table of Contents/Custom Table of Contents check custom settings.

Error 1: TOC is displaying whole paragraphs of text Identify: Go to the paragraph/s which are displaying in the TOC. This sometimes happens when following on from previous paragraphs if styles have not been set correctly.

Fix 2: Refer to TOC Custom Headings section to help correct this.

Check the screen to ensure the correct headings are shown.

Do these match the heading styles you have applied.

If I want to update all of the fields (dates, cross-references, etc.) in a document, I select all (Ctrl a) then update fields (F9).

Fix 1: Select the paragraph and apply the appropriate style that is not set to be selected for TOC.

Check previous paragraphs if some are correct use format painter to copy the correct style to another.

I went through EACH chapter file and created TOCs in each; then cut-and-pasted and compiled them all into a separate "detailed TOC" file.

BUT Word is insisting on trying to update the page numbers in that detailed TOC file (which are in the various files). Is there SOME way I can simply capture the TOC information as regular text, and cut-and-paste it into another file ... I tried to open a new file and insert the text from my compiled "detailed TOC" file, but that didn't work.

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Typically, the reason is that you’ve forgotten to update the TOC/LOT/LOF – these lists don’t update automatically.

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