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Generally, a submissive person will be the one who is bound, gagged or blindfolded…or a combination of all 3.Often; a submissive will wear a collar in addition to those binds.Some power exchange relationships extend outside the bedroom.For example, serving your partner at home or even in public can be a sign of subservience.Of course, there are many other scenarios that you could play with your partner, and you could simply be the more dominant and submissive versions of yourselves, respectively.However, roles add in an idea of how a scene should play out and the type of words and behaviors that each person will display.Your submissive persona may be the receiver of penetrative sex and impact play such as a spanking, paddling or flogging.If you’re engaging in BDSM with sex, you might find that giving oral sex to your partner helps you feel submissive.

For example, you can tell him that although something might hurt, you don’t experience it in a negative way. Either way, your boyfriend or husband might need encouraging if you’re really interested in submitting.The feeling of power that a person often feels when receiving oral sex certainly lends itself to the power exchange you’re looking for.You’ll learn more about giving your man a great blow job from the tips in the Blow Job Guide.If you’re unsure how your partner will react, approach the subject by explaining exactly what it is you wish to do – being tied up, spanking, flogging, blindfolds, orgasm control, service or some other form of BDSM.You might simply want to be taken over his lap, but saying you want to try “BDSM” might bring to mind more extreme forms of bondage and discipline or even ideas of abuse that aren’t actually safe, sane and consensual.

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