Tyra banks dating instincts

He was unlike most of the other rappers – he hardly drank, he did not under any circumstances smoke weed or do drugs, he did not party excessively, and had a really good personality.I also admired him, as he was one of the most astute businessmen I had ever met.They tended to be very egotistical and selfish people, and I hoped I wouldn’t have to converse too much with her.The evening went on, a couple of speeches here and there, and a little bit of entertainment.He had even been the first ever rapper to be interviewed on “60 Minutes”.Luckily, the event was starting, and still in a crappy mood, I entered the banquet hall alongside the other guests.

I have been sitting next to the biggest agent in Hollywood all evening and I didn’t even know it” “Oh yeah, how unfortunate”, I said sarcastically “I’m sure it’s not too late to make up for that”, she said with an evil smile, as she placed her hands on my thighs, totally taking me by surprise.Beyonce had actually been dating Shawn Carter, also known as Jay-Z, for several months now.I had not been too bothered when it started, but as it became more and more serious, I began to get concerned.I looked around for my sister, and saw her talking with some actor, so I decided to go and locate my seat.To my annoyance, I had been placed next to supermodel Tyra Banks.

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