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On the other hand, it's neat dating non-artist cause they can be sooooo easy to impress [This message has been edited by Red Shoes (edited June 07, 2001).]Originally posted by Roan: Gracious, Tammy! And I can truthfully say that it has the normal ups and downs of togetherness. ------------------ We may not have been to school, but we sure paint like we did! ------------------ paintfool I have a hard time if I date someone who does the same thing I do (art or other career).If you married a comp geek then you'd have at LEAST two computers! ------------------ We may not have been to school, but we sure paint like we did! Tammy's Home for Artists ( seen Lunachild's photo on his website, I had such a good reply to this topic - but I'm not brave enough to say it! posted by Arty Helen: Having seen Lunachild's photo on his website, I had such a good reply to this topic - but I'm not brave enough to say it! I guess I feel it's sort of "my" domain and get very self-critical and competitive if my partner does the same thing. The portraits I've done of paid models or people I don't know well, even though the pieces might be technically good, I don't really feel anything when I look at them.That can be building on your common interests as well as building on your individuality, complimented by each other. But on the other hand..we were both artists, who would earn a living?carly ------------------ "Everything is not art and Art is not everything, but it comes close."....carly I was first and foremost a computer geek, as is my husband.I came to art after nearly 30 years of marriage, and I'm definitely not married to an artist!!!! The computer nerd in my home is my 18-year old son who has 2 regular and 1 laptop. Nope, not an artist bone in his body, but he's a sweetheart nevertheless. In fact, I know most women welcome the idea of someone who is more experienced/talented, similar to the way they prefer a man who is taller and stronger? When I look at those, they bring back all the memories of the moment when I was painting/drawing them. I guess when art is really important to you, it is tied to your heartstrings. Hubby has three (two UNIX -- one runs the MUD and the other is our backup and networking server -- and one main) and Deirdre has one. I didn't count his laptop 'cause that belongs to Road Runner.But, although we don't have art in common, we do have love and respect for each other's different interests, and support as well. (he bought and built them himself) My 13 year old has one and my husband & 1 have one. He is very supportive and actually is a very good critic. He comes to all my open houses, and doesn't let me give up when I get discouraged about a project I'm working on. I guess it's that primal instinct working its way into modern thinking? The places we were at, the way the light caressed their cheeks, the way they'd try so hard to suppress a smile when I tell them, "Stop smiling, you are messing up my portrait.", and the proud, affectionate look they get in their eyes when I show them the finished piece. I also have an HP 4550 Color Laser Jet that I dearly love and can't stand anyone touching in mind that we only have ONE car at the moment and it's a 1996 Toyota. My wife is NOT into art at all, and just lets me get on with it, I couldnt imagine having to SHARE my art with her, art is MY time to be on my own and relax, her quiet time, is when Im on my own Joe ------------------ Today - Im going to make someone smile !Obviously it's nice to have common interests and goals but i do not think that it's 'better' to be married to an artist just to have that.

I guess I always felt that it was such a core essence of my being that I wanted to be one in that way with someone.

I understand pretty well every technical term he throws at me and can throw my own back as well as question his processes.

I taught him how to create gorgeous presentation graphics, which have won him a lot of glory at his job. He has his office in the basement that he just finished building walls for and is working on walling in the larger space as a studio for me.

I got into art later on, well after we were married.

My husband is an artsy person, but he refuses to take up art.

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For someone to truly know and understand my fascination and love of art and reading.

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