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The links are affiliate, which doesn’t affect the price for you, but does provide The with a small percentage of your purchase. Parents, you can chime in for yourself or for your kids (since these are really just books everyone should read). He is married to his best friend, Ana, who blogs at Ana Harris

This allows us to reach more teens and parents around the world. Now, without further ado, here are my top five books Christian teens should read: What will heaven be like? Ryle addresses special dangers facing young adults, provides powerful biblical counsel, and suggests some general rules of conduct every Christian should follow. An in-depth and thought-provoking look at why certain people succeed and others don’t, Outliers is a foundational must-read for young people who want to make an impact on their world. Those are my top five, but I’ve got 22 more books I think every Christian teenager should read. He is the founder of the Young Writers Workshop — an ongoing coaching program for serious writers.

Word Points is a religious publishing company owned by Gary Henry. About Blog A daily devotional to encourage you on the days or nights when you feel like giving up or giving in because neither one is an option! We are far from perfect, but we look to Him who is.

About Blog Dr KP Yohannan blogs about practical insights on living our lives in the light of eternity. Christ Unlimited Ministries provides the Bible in different languages and popular translations, as well as Bible Answers, Bible Devotionals, Bible Searches, Bible Tools for Mobile Devices, Bible Teaching Aids, Bible Stories etc.

About Blog Bible has online Bible study resources, a Bible Q&A with an astounding 71,000 pages of Bible information & Daily Devotionals based on God's Wisdom.

Walter Chantry is a masterful writer and biblical scholar. You can grab a PDF of the entire list by subscribing to my email updates.

This book is terrible if you’re looking for ACTION items, but it is a wonderful non-fiction read and can greatly assist you in seeing what is possible.

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You need to read.” — Charles Spurgeon The Rebelution started with a stack of books.

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