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So this interaction offers some on-show evidence that lots of members of Bachelor Nation are behind her.The guy who "retired" from the Bachelorverse has found love at last?? In the latest trailer, Katie basically says she is not here for the drama and just wants one guy.These are the spoilery engagements, connections, and pairings we have so far. So, this one's a bit convoluted: JPJ wowed Tayshia with a Shakespearean poem and Tayshia was delighted. Then Tayshia decided she wanted to explore options a bit and had a vibe with Derek.

Everyone was having a great time together." It's also where Connor and Whitney (more on them below) met and hit it off for the first time.

They met, fell in love, got engaged at the end of their season, and came back to film their wedding this season.

So who are the couples that we know are leaving the show planning their future together?

This is Katie: I’m always trying to understand people and where they come from and how they are the way they are.

It’s this never ending curiosity for me that makes life so interesting. Hannah was a sweet, drama-free contestant on Colton's season, and Dylan was basically the male version of that on Hannah B.'s season. was a fan-favorite and one of Colton's final three: Summertime, my kinda season.

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