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Initial estimates to-date show that over 400 workers have died on the job at the Idaho National Laboratory near Arco due to chemical exposure and radiation.But direct contamination in the workplace isn't the only factor--as a whole, Eastern Idaho's cancer rate soars above that of the rest of Idaho with increasing evidence that radiation leaks into the Snake River Plain aquifer from improperly buried nuclear waste dating back to the 50s may be a high contributing factor.According to the Idaho Transportation Department, over 35,000 cars per day travel down this main drag in Twin Falls -- a huge number for a non-urban city.

as well as one of the few places in the US where base jumping is legal, Twin Falls' iconic bridge sees a great deal of pedestrian and tourist traffic... At around 500 feet to the Snake River, the Perrine is the tallest bridge in the state, which presents extreme safety and suicide hazards, in addition to the dangers that come with base and bungee jumping themselves.The city is gradually making improvements, but no new numbers have been released yet; thus Twin Falls still has multiple entries on the Top 100 Worst Intersections in South-Central Idaho.For an urban center and Idaho's largest city, Boise has always been known as a relatively safe area.Dozens of deaths -- both accidental and intentional -- have been reported over the years, but despite Idaho ranking 6th in the nation for suicides, there is no official tracking system.If you remember our list of Idaho's most dangerous cities according to FBI crime reports, you'll recall that Sandpoint topped the list.

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