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That makes them about as inner circle as you can get.

But as our research confirmed, fears of retribution, career limitation, and isolation remain prevalent and keep people from speaking about mental health in the workplace.

It’s about changing how we react to and support each other through the unavoidable stress of our work lives.

One way to do that is by communicating that performance at work does not by itself define a successful life.

In everything from pop culture to sports, unhealthy ideas about strength, toughness, and success have been cemented in our minds - and we bring those ideas with us to work. This kind of thinking must not be encouraged or rewarded, either directly or indirectly.Far from being a place where the subject of mental health should be off-limits, the office is actually one of the most important places to talk about it.So how do we make sure the atmosphere at work is not one that prevents people from seeking help when they need it? This is the first and biggest hurdle we have to clear.Granted, some jobs are more intense than others, that will likely always be the case.But changing workplace culture is not necessarily about changing the pace or structure of the work we do.

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