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There’s a lot of them, which says good things about the theater and diversity.

It takes a tough woman to survive an affair, and an even tougher one to leave it.“When the autumn weather turns the leaves to flame, one hasn’t got time for the waiting game.” Justin Bieber probably won’t be recording this anytime soon. ” To sing this song you have to be closer to the sunset than the sunrise.(Click here to see Sarah Vaughan and Wynton Marsalis perform the song with the Boston Pops.) Sunrise, Sunset, (Sheldon Harnick, Jerry Bock) Two parents at their daughter’s wedding pose the musical questions: “When did she grow to be a beauty? It’s performed or played at every wedding, yet never fails to bring, as the repeating lyric says, “happiness and tears.” (Click here to see it sung in the Stratford Festival’s 2013 production.) There Is Beauty in the Bellow of the Blast, Toward the end of the operetta this giddy duet is performed between the elderly characters, Katisha, a ballsy grand dame, and Ko-Ko, the Lord High Executioner of the fictional Japanese province of Titipu.It’s about finally growing up and knowing what it is you really wanted, then stepping back to realize maybe it’s too late.But as the song’s last lyric hints, “Well, maybe next year.” (Click here to see Judi Dench perform the song.) September Song, , written for Walter Huston (Anjelica’s grandfather), is about the need for shorter courtships after a certain age.

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Today, however, she’d be signing up for an Internet dating site with the rest of us singles.

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