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This was the night when the recently surfaced video of Ledger allegedly doing coke was shot., but was quashed after Ledger’s publicist rallied some high-profile Hollywood troops (Natalie Portman, Sarah Jessica Parker, Josh Brolin) to threaten a boycott of the show.“Don’t write one of these disgusting stories,” a Hollywood agent had warned me, after attesting to Ledger’s kindness, beauty, sensitivity, humility, and sobriety.A non-disgusting story would presumably reflect the innumerable accounts I heard of Ledger’s sweet nature, his immense talent, his love of Matilda—and make frequent mentions of Pellegrino water and Diet Coke.

One, a chaste, sober, unkempt choirboy who bought his daughter organic breakfast sausages at the Gourmet Garage.

For such a reputed smoking gun, the clip shows little more than a party that any young urban American would recognize.

Ledger swigs from a beer bottle, says he’s going to get serious shit from his girlfriend upstairs for being at this party, admits to formerly smoking five joints a day, and points to his tattoo of “M” (for then-3-month-old Matilda), saying, “This is to remind me never to smoke weed again.” The biggest surprise is the oddly solicitous and self-deprecating manner of the award-nominee.

“At another party in Paris, Heath took at least six Ecstasy pills, popped them in his mouth all at once, and swigged them with a bottle of Champagne.” As it happens, White, who was also a key witness to Kate Moss’s drug use when a video of the model snorting cocaine surfaced in 2005, seems to be the source for many accounts of Ledger’s Bunyanesque consumption.

Her interview with the White elaborated, claiming that Ledger’s drug use had recently spiraled out of control because he was afraid of losing custody of his daughter and adding this striking comment about Ledger’s former fiancée, Michelle Williams: “Heath was an Adonis and she was dowdy and not in his league—career-wise or looks-wise—and no one could understand why they got together.” That version of the story was picked up by dozens of other publications, not to mention those to which she spoke anonymously as a “member of Ledger’s entourage.” She also offered to provide information to Whatever the sources—“friends,” “clubgoers,” “insiders”—such stories were spreading as fast as Ledger’s publicist Mara Buxbaum could deny them.

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Two diverging accounts of his last months in New York were vying against each other—Ledger the saint and Ledger the sinner.

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