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Maria likes to have three big meals in a day and also eats sweets or cookies if she craves for them.If she is ever told not to eat a particular food, then she binges on that food, even more. Regarding workout, her number one activity is playing tennis itself.But, she does yoga and biking to stay away from boredom.To even keep her boredom miles away, she also does dancing. As it is not possible to go with the usual workout, Maria does jumping ropes, while on a tour.Russian Orthodox Playing tennis and appearing in various commercials in print and television.Sharapova won her singles Grand Slam titles for the first time in the years –Sharapova is a food lover.

She traveled to the USA with her father (by borrowing money) and joined the academy.

Aries Nyagan, Russian SFSR, Soviet Union Bradenton, Florida, United States Maria had focused on her tennis career from her childhood.

She attended Martina Navratilova’s tennis clinic in Moscow.

About her education and qualifications, she attended IMG Academy in Bradenton, Florida, United States.

In her early career, as a junior, she enrolled at the Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy. Eventually, she debuted at the Australian Open and French Open in the year of 2003.

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