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I always think cop equals tough—but Jade is not only the heroine, but also a victim in A Dozen Deadly Roses who over comes most obstacles.I guess my question is she is portrayed as an everyday individual who has a unique job.The display showed a smiling photo of my husband – a photo taken when Travis was okay and normal.A pang of sorrow invaded in my chest.“Ignore it,” Darius said, referring to the quivering phone.Due out next month, her second book, A Deadly Blessing promises to be another great read.I was prepared for the time spent with my mom, but had no idea I’d be spending so much time trying to get people to ‘know’ Kathy Bennett.We are very serious in applying youth protection law and we will radicallyexclude any members who violate our terms of use by publishing prohibited content or images.Happy Escorts is Europe's Biggest Escorts Search Engine - 34.497 escorts from 1.026 cities in 41 countries welcome you in 38 languages!

I’m sure more than one person thought, ‘Who is this loud-mouth red-headed woman leading us through the loading dock?

Kathy’s A Dozen Deadly Roses hit both Barnes & Nobles and Amazon top 100 lists for her best selling debut novel.

It is listed as one of the top cop dramas and police procedural mysteries to come along in quite a while.

My partner, Darius Cutter, plucked my cell phone from my hand. The chief and the mayor are waiting for us.” He snapped my cell shut and handed it back to me.

“Let’s go.”“You shouldn’t have done that.” Immediately, the phone vibrated in my hand.

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