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) or Other "Alternative" Activities *** UPDATE - 08-06-09: Okay, while the previous update still stands, I am getting much more selfish about life.I put a lot of myself into this profile and a one or two line email will just be deleted. I love being spanked and having, being hogtied and having my titties slapped. I love to dominate white sluts and have them do exactly as I tell them to do. Therefore, online dating service for married personals are becoming more and more popular. My Ideal Person: I am looking for a tall, kind, sensuous, loving, generous, athletic man (race and age not a problem) who loves tall, ample women..... kissing, oral (giving and receiving) and sucking, licking, nibbling and fucking! I love being treated like a slut, I love being degraded. I also love being with older mature white women who are just like me- submissive and whoreful. You must have photos displayed on your profile in order to recieve a response from me. Many married women would say that their husband was too involved in working.I love snowstorms but hate the cold, love rainy days but not the clouds. I try to be a great mom, a good student, an excellent employee and to also keep a clean house. I spend a lot of time (when I have it) with my nose in a book.I am just as comfortable in a professional business suit as in my birthday suit... I am easy going, relaxed and open and will tell you anything you ask. My favorite is probably Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse, though currently I am reading sci fi/fantasy stuff. I don't mind partners or consorts, but I reserve the presidential veto.

I have been separated for over a year, looking to fulfill my Bi curious desires with someone special, I enjoy romantic evenings, love hugging, kissing, the intimacy of being a lover & or friend, I welcome the idea of playing with a sexy cross dresser & I absolutely love & enjoy roll playing, I will try just about anything at least twice, I am in very good shape, muscular athletic build, I like it that my significant other stays in shape as well, but I must admit that I like sexy BBW too!If you are outside of Helena, you are likely too far for me.If you are a single with anything other than a single status, you are deleted. No one wants to be with someone that you can still smell their breath after they've left the building. I love white men who can slightly dominate me and degrade me. I LOVE TO GET SPOILED AND PAMPERED BY GENEROUS MEN. I'm basically just looking for a nice fun guy who wears a uniform and is tall, has his teeth, fresh breath, not hairy and loves to laugh. Why does Howie Long keep coming into my mind here?? I am a submissive pet for the older mature white gentlemen and I am a dominate mistress for the white women who are such porn sluts and who will do exactly as I tell them to do. I especially like white women who are so white, that you can see their veins through their tits. I love to be dominated by white men, and I love to dominate white women (or at least just have some fun with them). I AM ALSO A SPOILED BITCH THAT LOVES TO HAVE MY WAY. 25% of these married women will meet this person whom they have been engaged in an online relationship, and will end up having a real-life affair.

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