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i havent had to post on here for ages but sadly im back, im 10 weeks pg so my hormones are raging and i need some help to get my paranoid insecure head around this!

the emails in his just show "facebook" but then when you click the link its fuckbook!!

im not going to stand for it and this is the last time i give him the benefit of the doubt.

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hi its awfuls isnt it, i hate snooping and checking up its no good for a relationship, he leaves his hotmail acct signed in so its not like he trys to hide anything, ive blocked all the junk emails so no more will come from the email addresses he has already received but i know they will just come from others.

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but last week we had a bit of an argument and i went to bed at 8pm i knew he had been on the laptop but he must of figured out how to do in private browsing, since then he has got more emails going in his junk saying things like, hey baby loved chatting to you when can we do it again?

and stuff like that, and these ones are to his exact email address but they do go straight into junk, and a few say exactly the same thing.

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Someone has signed him up as a joke (unlikely) yeah he tried to say that someone had signed him up but that did not work with me!

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