Scorpio man dating scorpio woman

Maybe it was his deeply philosophical side or just the amazing intensity in his eyes when he’s passionate about something.

Whatever it is, you’ve got it bad and this Scorpio Man has got you hooked!

The home of a Scorpio will have bold, deep, sometimes contrasting colors, with the perfect balance of red and black or white and black.

The lighting is usually low to allow for the Scorpio Man to relax in comfort without glaring bright lights in his eyes.

The planet’s influence presents itself by giving them a ruthless reputation, intense levels of passion, and a strong will, the Scorpio Man can still be endearing, charming, and wise.

Was it the way he seems to cater to his desires and go after what he wants?

Her friendliness and calm demeanor are a nice contrast to his usual intensity and desire for action.

If you want to be with a Scorpio man, you must be his friend, partner and ally.

It is easy for his mind to wander onto his next goal or achievement.

To keep his mind from wandering, lingerie, different settings, and role-play should not be out of the question.

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The woman who decides to take on the Scorpio Man must have the patience of a saint. When a Scorpio man gives his heart he gives it wholly, completely, and without reservation. As far as sexual encounters go, you can imagine the Scorpio man likes the bedroom to be a bit spicy.

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