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When someone as gorgeous as her shows up and says that she is his, how can he say no?

Some want the pair dead, as all is not as it would appear on first glance.

She has needs, quite specific ones and goes to Mrs. Alyssa is promised something that she does not expect: someone who is wild in the sack, likes curvy women, wants to have children, and likes kitty cats.

A shifter named Grayson Green is need of a mate, badly and quickly. Well, until Alyssa shows up on his turf saying that she is there for him.

Two Alphas named Connor and Theron, want her to be a part of their triad that they are doing.She is many things, like funny, sexy, and curvy; however, she is also a human.Connor and Theron do not think that they will go for being in a relationship with two men at once.Fans of the novel found that this novel has great love scenes that set their minds on fire while they read them. Some found that Tally was a great character as she told it like it is, her size, the way she does not apologize for who she is, and did not take any guff from anyone.These three (Tally, Connor, and Theron) are able to make a great group together in this book.

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  1. In reality the vast majority are heterosexual, cisgender men who have come to appreciate the comfort and exciting styles available in clothing typically fabricated for women.