Safety tips for blind dating

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If you been bold enough to travel as a couple, you need to keep the spark alive, and going out on dates around the world is the perfect way to avoid wanting to kill each other.

We asked a hardened travel couple to write us a guide on how not to break up while travelling together. Our writer certainly did when he compiled this collection of stupid arguments he had with his girlfriend when they travelled together.

You never know, a new friendship could blossom into a beautiful travel romance.

Of course, dating while travelling isn’t restricted to new relationships.

Should anything happen to you they’ll need details.

Your intended might look great on the social media pages they’re in control of, but it’s worth digging a little deeper to see if their criminal history flashes up on the Daily Mail.

Said friends can then come in useful for a backup plan.

It’s always recommended to have one just in case that chat about the weather gets too much, they look nothing like their picture or there’s just no chemistry.

If you’re feeling good then it’s time to talk logistics.

Don’t invite this new person to your hostel and, no matter how much you’d enjoy a night outside a shared dorm, don’t meet at their place. You’ll feel safer and without the fear of being locked in a freezer you’re more likely to relax, which could lead to a more successful travel romance. wherever you choose to meet your match be sure to tell a friend or family member of your exact location.

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Have a conversation, ask some questions and make sure you’ve got more to talk about than the pleasantries.

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