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From Vladimir, you can take a bus to Suzdal, which is about an hour-long ride. Out of all the cities on this list, this city is the farthest from Moscow, which is why it’s rarely included in tourist itineraries.

Although Samara isn’t considered a particular architectural or historical gem, it’s really worth visiting, especially in summer, when the beach life is bustling on the banks of the Volga and its islands.

The so-called “Dno” (“The Bottom”), a spot where you can buy beer straight from the plant, is very popular, so don’t miss the chance to experience the local beer culture at its best!

3) Stalin’s real bunker This is the only underground facility built for the leader outside Moscow, in case the capital was stormed by the Nazis.

There’s also a rare museum of wooden architecture inside the monastery’s territory.Also, Suzdal wasn’t affected by WWII and only 15 churches were demolished during the USSR, so it remains frozen in time and is even better preserved than Kostroma.What’s more, Suzdal doesn’t have multi-storeyed contemporary houses – no building here is taller than three levels.2) Taste local treats Eating sweets (a light beverage made with honey) and local yogurts (made out of super fresh milk from cows grazing in the surrounding pastures).Getting there The Moscow-Kostroma night train leaves from Yaroslavsky Station. It’s faster to get to Kostroma by car – take the M8 highway through Korolev, Pereslavl-Zalesski, Rostov, and Yaroslavl, then turn onto the A113 towards Kostroma. Although it’s arguably the lynchpin of the Golden Ring, Suzdal can’t be reached by train directly from Moscow, which often puts tourists off going there.But for this reason, Suzdal is probably the least crowded of all the cities mentioned in this article, and if you’re looking for serene, sleepy old Russia – this is the place for you.

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