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When you run the program, use the file selection tools provided to select your downloaded ISO image files.Then select the SHA-1 algorithm for calculation, and run the tool.Unfortunately, there are no write speeds to select from the empty drop down list and my only option is to hit cancel. I also wanted to suggest this freeware program which is simmiliar to Nero : I agree that it would be helpful to hear back from the asker !!Yes, have latest version of the software with all available patches.

Some file systems cannot store files larger than 2 GB, such as the DVD image.

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This document assumes that you have no experience with Linux, and that you are using Microsoft Windows for the purpose of downloading and burning the files.

To write the DVD ISO file to a disc, your computer needs to have a drive that will write to DVD media.

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You need approximately 700 Mi B of free space available for each CD-sized ISO file, or approximately 3.5 Gi B for the DVD-sized ISO file.

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