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The pilot of the Cessna they were taking to Nairobi had passed out and despite a total lack of flying experience he snatched the controls and slapped the pilot until he came round.

No doubt his whole life flashed before him and if he didn’t consider his career to be the rounded one he wanted then, he is adding a few more strings to his bow now.

“Apart from the fact that your physical ability starts to decline I think someone in their 50s being childlike is a little sad.”But if Mr Bean is bowing out then he’s certainly going out on a high after his triumphant appearance in Danny Boyle’s Olympics Opening Ceremony, watched on the BBC by 27 million.

As the rousing strains of Vangelis’s Chariots Of Fire struck up, played by the London Symphony Orchestra and conducted by Sir Simon Rattle, suddenly the seriousness of the spectacle was punctured by the presence of none other than Atkinson as Mr Bean, looking bored by having to repeatedly play the same note on a synthesiser and getting as much comic potential out of the situation as he could.

It’s not as flip, irrelevant and shallow a calling as I thought it was in the Eighties.”It follows that we will continue to see a lot of him, although not necessarily in his most famous roles.

The duo have posed as a saucy patient/doctor duo to help raise money for ITV's TV charity event.It wasn’t just about allowing him to buy the latest Ferrari any more.HE said recently: “I had the strange feeling in the middle of the run, for the very first time, that I was in a worthy profession.The Aston Martin-loving actor, who has been putting his famously malleable features to good comic use for several decades now, reportedly has £71million in the bank which buys quite a few fast cars (and indeed it has, a couple of which he has smashed up).His current motivation, then, must be rather different because he’s still here – and diversifying.

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Maybe it’s because I was a cog in a big machine but there was this wonderful sense of shared responsibility.

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