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Aromantic people can enjoy sex without romance, and asexual people can enjoy romance without sex. Woman B: I'd say it's a constant feeling of being a part of and apart from human interaction. I can see myself looking at us, hearing them, and still wonder if this perpetual state of living in third-person omniscient is lonely forever. Woman B: For all the times I've had sex, I was only in bed doing the business because I wanted this person to never stop liking me. I just stick with flings or short-term stuff I get from Tinder.

When a character is described as asexual in fiction it's usually used as a shorthand for "aromantic asexual".While asexuality means you do not experience sexual attraction, people who self-identify as aromantic do not experience romantic attraction to others.While many aromantic people also identify as asexual, identifying as one label does not mean the other is automatically implied. Woman A: It means not having a desire to be romantic or even think about doing romantic things with someone. My understanding of the difference between the two is that aromantic means you're fine being in friendships with no romantic strings attached whereas being asexual means you have no desire to have sex.My one coworker who's had a massive crush on me insists I'm a sociopath. Asexual [would be if I weren't] physically attracted to women. It's like asking someone allergic to chocolate if they miss not having it. Woman A: I have internally identified as asexual and aromantic for about the past year now. Woman B: There's the guy with a cool rooftop who smokes me out and listens to all the music I can't share with people. They're pretty OK with it and I've never had any girl get too clingy ... Woman A: N/AWoman B: I make eye contact with every guy, and not the regular kind.He's working toward his Ph D so I think he knows his shit. Woman B: When I was eight, I started to pine after my best friend. I had butterflies for every Valentine's Day chocolate box he'd hidden in my desk when his friends weren't looking. I do not feel like its even something I need to mention. Granted, I've lived with my family long enough for them to have accused me of being cold, indifferent, or too scheme-y for my own good. There's the guy who bought me one mocha latte and hasn't called me back (I "accidentally" left one of my very good books in his car in the hopes that he'd read it and understand, and he just doesn't deserve it). It's heightened by their interest in me and turned weird by my obvious discomfort. I get a real kick out of train rides and all the Wall Street daddies that play the game with me. Woman A: Having to deal with another persons expectations. Woman B: Romance is a lot of compromise and consideration.

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