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A couple examples are: Click Here to Read Article RETURN TO TOP. Tooling is often new, old, cope/drag, matchplate, green sand, no-bake, shell, metal, wood, plastic, or any combination thereof.Quantities can range from 1 or 2 pieces up to hundreds or thousands.Several authors spent time discussing how to setup a preventative maintenance - a critical area for all foundries as nothing costs more than downtime.Click here to view this edition of Simple Solutions That Work! All solutions that are selected for future publication will win 0 Palmer Bucks!

The Flip Molding Machines uses copy/drag tooling and cast iron tooling plates to accept cope/drag no-bake boxes.

With many pieces of foundry equipment and the abuse that they are required to endure, we often find that the mechanical aspects of the machine were designed so heavy duty that they are still in good working order, but that the controls have long since fallen from the technological cutting edge.

With proper planning and research, it is possible to take an existing piece of equipment and upgrade the controls to allow it to meet the newly established production requirements.

Environmental compliance, personnel issues, government regulations, equipment problems, tooling issues, etc., can make for some pretty long days.

The type, size, or complexity of work varies from day to day, week to week, or month to month.

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