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They do collaborations with Icelandic breweries as well as international ones, which are a welcomed blend into their menu of famous Brewdog beers.Brew Dog Reykjavik has fantastic food options and can even cater to Vegans and the Gluten-Free both in drinks and dishes. Its range of local and international beers is vast, but they do offer 5 or 10-beer samplers if you don’t know where to start.And, like many countries West of the Atlantic, Iceland has a late-night lifestyle ingrained into its culture: Many locals don’t go out until after midnight, and some venues stay open as late as - am on weekends.’s oldest streets, and one renowned for its shopping opportunities, fun bars, and varied restaurants.Laugavegur is especially lively in the summer, as cars are banned and the street is reclaimed by pedestrians – shopping in the day, socializing at night.Just beside Laugavegur lies Hverfisgata, which has a lot to offer, but is quieter than the main street.Laugavegur also leads to Bankastræti, which then leads to Austurstræti, making up one great nightlife strip that’s only a couple of kilometers (less than two miles) a handsome, old-fashioned establishment, with worn leather armchairs, a hardwood floor and bar and – because it’s on the first floor – a view of the street below.

This free-spirited watering hole has a sit-down area on the ground floor, a “louder” sit-down area on the 1st floor, a smoking area and then the best of best, a great big dance floor where you can really break loose.

For someone looking to experience Reykjavik by night, Pablo Discobar is a great pick.

This place is obviously inspired by Latin and Disco culture but with a splash of Hawaii and some sparkles from the ’70s and ’80s.

And another advantage of its cute size is that your bed should just be a stroll away from your watering hole of choice – no waiting for public transport, jostling for taxis or crowding into late night buses and trains!

Entrance fees and dress codes are rare (aim for informal, but chic).

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