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Its first single was released in the Swedish charts but lasted there only for a week.It was a flop and their music style had to be reconsidered. The name came from a poster in Rene, Lene, Claus and Srens practice room.Part of the reason for the success of Barbie Girl was its amusing video, which featured lead singer Lene Nystrom dressed in a succession of Barbie outfits, with band member Rene playing male doll Ken.On the scene, they did not need any dancer, because they prefer spontaneity and creativity.The reason for this was that the album's release was planned for 20th September in the USA and MCA was worried that people only want this very song and therefore be satisfied with just the single and that way avoid the album. Anyway, thanks to their protest, Mattel provided a non-voluntary and free advert for Aqua...

Their debut single, Roses Are Red, released in September 1996, was a huge success in Denmark (topping the charts, achieving platinum sales and earning a Danish Grammy nomination as Best Danish dance act).

No plans for a new album, but new singles could be the result.

(Thanks to Anders Bgh)26/09/2016 : Aqua reunite for a series of shows to celebrate 20 years of their hit single, Barbie Girl.18/02/2016 : Choir Scala sung a cover of Aqua's hit Barbie Girl for MNM Belgium radio.28/11/2011 : Aqua are nominated at Gaffa Prisen 2011 in 3 categories. (Thanks to Anders Bgh) More news You are using some kind of Ad Block-like software, which blocks ads and captchas on this website.

For their first TV appearance they tried to learn some dance steps, but it was impossible.

Doctor Jones (track 5 on the Aquarium album) has proved to the world that Aqua were not one-hit-wonders.

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This came about when a Danish radio station sent copies of the song to American radio stations.

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