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The right person for me is someone who loves me for who I am, but at the same time isn’t going to let me walk all over them. Are your emotions boiling over that you end up in explosive fights with insults being slung back and forth? Yes, everyone disagrees at some point, and yes, everyone has rocky moments in a relationship, but the key word is , not on a weekly basis.

Every now and then, when I’m not studying or running around trying to fulfill all of my obligations, I get a few minutes to think about the fact that I’m single.

We just didn’t have enough in common to be together for very long.

You can really enjoy somebody’s company, but it doesn’t mean that you have enough in common to keep the conversations alive.

If you find that you keep trying to get someone to act differently all the time, it may not be that you are setting a boundary, you may just be trying to change that person. I expect conflict every now and then, but I didn’t grow up in a house with name calling and door slamming, so I couldn’t be with someone who fights that way. We’ve all been in those relationships where the other person is just too different from us; either personality or lifestyle wise and they can’t meet our needs.

I don’t think it’s healthy to fight that way, especially if it’s happening all the time. Having someone meet your needs means that you have communicated what those needs are and they are considerate of your needs. It could also mean how frequently you get physically intimate or how adventurous you are.

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