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In both situations, the Rad Grid Custom control works correctly if i explicity set the grid's datasource to NULL before calling rebind.Enable View State is set to true on the grid From my limited understanding, it seems that the Need Data Source event will not fire twice in the same page lifecycle ....When explicitly rebinding inside in a postback the need_datasource will not trigger.Is this because the need_datasource just got triggered by the init?Data Source to null, before calling the Rebind method. Thanks, The help article you refer to applies only to cases when you have Rad Grid's View State turned off.

I don't want to lodge a support ticket just yet as I cannot submit the whole project, and it will require some time to create a small project that reproduces the problem Thanks again Hi Empower IT, Let me share a few observations: 1.

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Please view the code below: Ok, i spent some more time looking into it, and seem to have found a solution.

The following article, that we explicitly set the Grid.

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Rad Grid's Need Data Source event fires whenever Rad Grid needs to rebind, and always after you call Rebind().

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