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Ultimately, Amorous Relationships hinder the fulfillment of the University’s educational mission.

Purdue is full of fun things to do, and fun places to take your crush or significant other.Individuals who are or were engaged in an Amorous Relationship prior to the existence of a supervisory or evaluative relationship within the educational and/or employment context, or who find themselves entering into such a relationship, have a duty to report the existence of the Amorous Relationship to the department or unit head who must ensure that arrangements are made to sever the supervisory or evaluative relationship between the parties.The parties must further abide by the University’s policy on Nepotism (III. Individuals engaged in an Amorous Relationship in violation of this policy are subject to disciplinary action ranging from a written reprimand up to and including termination.Admire the beautiful skies on the fall day and watch as the colored leaves fall off the trees and float around you.3.La Scala Italian Restaurant Delicious food, a great atmosphere, and the one you love. If you're looking to treat your significant other to an amazing night, be sure to come here.4. It's okay if you cant skate, there are railings on the side for you beginners.5.

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During the Spring, enjoy the beautiful butterflies and birds chirping, and flowers blooming around you as you look into your significant other's eyes. This will ultimately test the amount they like you, because if they can't handle you at your worst, when you have peanut butter dripping everywhere and fries in your mouth, they definitely do not deserve you at your one leaf of spinach salad. When bored with nothing else to do, it's an mazing experience to see the replica of the planets all around you.

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