Problem validating windows xp Freesex live cam in sudbury

Solution for this problem in XP is installing KB3055973-v3 that adds support for TLS 128-bit & 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) cipher suites.

Google for this solution and beware it is natively for English OS version, otherwise you need to modify the installation files.

Why can't a simple community developer just create a "patch" for Chrome and IE if Firefox can support them?Although I cant say im 100% correct I believe ssl has everything to do with the browser and not much to do with the actual operating system.So I ran into an issue where the very opposite from what you are asking.Of course, if you were using a version of Firefox as old as Windows XP is, it probably wouldn't work either.:-) It might be that some developer can do it, but why should somebody invest its time to support an OS which is dead and insecure just to support browsers which are no longer supported (Chrome will drop support end of 2015).

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