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Having children is such an important aspect of a relationship that shouldn't be underestimated.Some people think that when you begin looking for a partner it's too early to start talking about having children.Dating4ababy website wants to offer some advice to help single men and women who want to start a family and are looking for a partner who wants to have children.

This would lead to arguments and even to a separation, and even if this doesn't happen, anyway one of the partners will never be completely happy.

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However, you'll see more here about the "" age to have a baby.

So, when you start dating and considering a potential partner, it should be logical to find out from the beginning if the man or woman you are dating has the same intention you have with regard to having children.

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Also, talking with friends, women and men, and again reading articles in the press and on the Internet, I came to realize that it is quite common for people to find themselves in a couple situation where one of the two partners wants to have children while the other one doesn't.

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