Perc validating domain expansion

Tests the ability of a user to employ group expansion.

Skype for Business Server enables users to configure an Active Directory distribution group as a contact.

This variable includes a pair of methods - To HTML and To XML - that can then be used to save that output to either an HTML or an XML file.

To store output in a logger variable named $Test Output use the following syntax: You will need to supply the user password when running this command.

Note that we intend to remove the 'indicative tobacco sales figures' indicator in July 2019 unless we receive any objections to doing so beforehand.

The tobacco control profiles are part of a series of products produced by Public Health England providing local data alongside national comparisons to support local health improvement.

The Local Tobacco Control Profiles for England provides a snapshot of the extent of tobacco use, tobacco related harm, and measures being taken to reduce this harm at a local level.

These profiles have been designed to help local government and health services to assess the effect of tobacco use on their local populations.

A list of indicators updated, for the most recent and previous releases can be found in the Local Tobacco Control Profiles for England collection within uk.Creates a new APK without uploading the APK itself to Google Play, instead hosting the APK at a specified URL.This function is only available to enterprises using Google Play for Work whose application is configured to restrict distribution to the enterprise domain. If you are using the Google API client libraries, please increase the timeout of the http request before calling this endpoint (a timeout of 2 minutes is recommended).Data for smoking related fires and fatalities caused by them has been added for 2017/18, along with estimated tax gap estimates from HMRC.SATOD data has been added for CCG and new local authority geographies for 2017/18.

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