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In other words, even the parts of the Qurʾān that are not held to be prophetic in a predictive sense suddenly have their value upgraded to just that.3.There is no contextual historical evidence to suggest that any of the Qurʾān predates the accepted time frame of revelation.4.First, from those historians who are cautious, even sceptical about carbon-dating as a tool of evidence.

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If you have followed the news over the last week, then there’s little doubt you may have seen some of the following headlines: Fragments of World’s Oldest Koran May Predate Muhammad Birmingham’s ancient Koran ‘could rewrite history of Islam’Carbon dating suggest ‘world’s oldest’ Koran could be older than the Prophet Apparently this ancient Quran found in England is older than the Prophet Muhammed!

Well, does the Birmingham manuscript predate the lifetime of the Prophet? Or, if it does, then the case for its divinity is even stronger. The Birmingham manuscript’s is the only thing that has been carbon dated.

It suggests an utter lack of intellectual rigor and seriousness.

Those quoted in the stories about the Birmingham manuscript, such as historian Tom Holland, librarian Keith Small, and their respective employers, should be thoroughly embarrassed.

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Two Quran fragments unknowingly held since 1936 in the University of Birmingham’s manuscript collection have been definitively dated to the era of Muhammad’s life or a little later.

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