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Faults are not affected by this method, since the objects they reference aren’t held in memory, and references themselves normally wouldn’t be affected by updates to their underlying objects.

Objects that aren’t currently represented in the MOC at all are, of course, not updated either.

I’m working with a NSFetched Results Controller backed UITable View.

I’ll update this post with my progress Update 2014-05-31 PM This is a great starting point for dealing with reordering. Batch fetch/update/save is my starting point Update 2014-06-06 PM It looks like i OS 8 might have better bulk update support.

I was on the right track with only dealing with the differences between items that get moved.

This faulting mechanism is designed to enhance performance and reduce memory use.

In general, the faulting mechanism is transparent; when you retrieve an object from an (MOC) you can’t tell (in the normal course of its use) whether it’s a fault or a realized object.

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