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Kelly bought some clothes which he decided to put on straight away, but “became fully undressed and emerged from a changing room.” Pressed on a reason for this, the defence replied: “We didn’t enquire into that.

How he choses to dress is not an issue, but it is accepted there are concerns as to why he was at the school.” Pre-sentence reports were obtained which the defence conceded showed Kelly, “Minimises his behaviour and lacks understanding.” He added: “Dressing is clearly an issue. He is fully entitled to dress as he chose, not to behave as he does.” The court heard existing Probation Orders imposed for the previous offences, are likely to be revoked.

As in other countries, street prostitution has declined in favour of off-street prostitution.

in addition to discussion as to what the state of affairs in Northern Ireland actually was.

However, devolution provided the opportunity for separate legislation in Northern Ireland.

As elsewhere, accurate figures for the extent of prostitution in Northern Ireland are difficult to ascertain, given the covert nature of the activities, although the police estimated 40–100 people were working in the sex trade in 2010.

Kelly left in a vehicle which police later found at Ballygawley Park and Ride.

He was seated in the driver seat, wearing clothes as described by staff - a white skirt and pink jacket, with a string of pearls around his neck, as well as the blonde wig.

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The court heard police were called to St Ciaran’s College, Ballygawley, after staff spotted Kelly wearing woman’s clothes and a blonde wig, walking along school corridors, having gained entry by a side door.

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