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By streaming real-time data on key aspects of patient care staff can direct resources to areas of high need and give health care providers the critical information they need to best care for patients, which ultimately increases patient access to care and improves health outcomes.

The City received nearly 0,000 in net present value savings over the term of the bonds.

This upgrade also positively affects any potential future bond sales, and the ability of the city to lock-in low tax-exempt rates.

at p.m., the Gig Harbor Evening Rotary will be hosting the two candidates for City Council position #5 at Heron’s Key.

meeting Council authorized staff to go after two grants for projects on Stinson Avenue.

The first will be a roundabout at the intersection of Stinson and Rosedale and the second will be a free-standing traffic light at the 3-way intersection at Stinson and Harborview.

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